In 2000, after 10 years in the film industry, Erin switched careers and began working full time as a painter.  Since then Erin’s work has reached a wide ranging clientele, selling as far as Japan.  

Erin’s work reflects the influences of her rural Ontario upbringing, the endless potential of paintings to stimulate imagination, and her passionate obsession with the creative process. She continues to evolve with a renewed willingness to push her visual limits.  

Images with Halos and flecks of gold have appeared in her work of late but are not used as reference to any particular religion.  Erin's past works were primarily of large expansive landscapes with huge skies and contemplative energy.  Her halo'd figures are born from a challenge Erin set for herself before commencing her current work.  She wanted to see if she could create the same sense of tranquility and contentment in figurative work that permeated her landscapes. This was particularly interesting to her as we are continuously invited through social media to look at the intimate details of people's lives.

In stark contrast to this, the people in Erin's paintings look out at the viewer, turning the voyeur into the one being studied and probed. With their questioning eyes, they seem to ask the viewer who are they?

In a time where everyone feels pressured to be perfect, Erin's brushstrokes vibrate across the canvases reminding the viewer that this painting was created by the human imperfect hand.  Full of energy and passion as it choses colour, and applies it with abandon.    

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